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The Year of the Lagunas de Ruidera Nature Reserve
Bull Square
Bull Square

For Lagunas de Ruidera Nature Reserve it is a year of great challenges, among these we can mention the festivity related to the IV Centennial edition of The Quixote, an event which will undoubtedly promote the distinction of our area.

In the meantime, winter goes on, days are cold and short becoming an invitation to stay close to the fire, dinners or after suppers near the fire-place add a touch of magic and comfort, having its local taste with the bonfires of Saint Anton at the village of Ruidera.

Neighbours and visitors share their roasts cooked in huge “fires” made just in the middle of the streets, a tradition full of charm.

The Tourism Association of Lagunas de Ruidera renovates its Board of Directors.  The former president, Raul Ares / Hotel Albamajón, is replaced in his position by Lorenzo Canales / Coto La Dehesa, and a new Board of Directors intend among other goals to continue the development of the Nature Reserve and services connected to tourism that began several years ago.

At the same time it will meet new challenges related to new technologies, quality or managing relations.

The Association encompasses part of tourism activity in Lagunas de Ruidera: hotels, country houses, camp-sites, bars and restaurants, active tourism enterprises and other services.

The Environmental Council and the Municipal Government of Ossa de Montiel signed a convention for the conditioning and maintenance of Montesino’s cave.

The Council of Communities will invest 36,000 € to place an Information Centre and associated signalling.  Also, it will establish a vigilance and sanitation service.

The Cave of Montesinos symbolizes a main location in Don Quixote’s itinerary; also it is an important shelter for bats.