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Argamasilla del Alba
The Swamp of Peñarroya is located in this municipality and forms part of the Nature Reserve.  This is an important wetland where we may take pleasure in its numerous bird species; it is also an ideal place for sport fishing.  Close to the dam we can go and see the Castle, recently renovated.

At the end of the Reserve, from this spot, the waters of the Guadiana flow over the Canal of the Gran Prior until they disappear in the Manchegan plain.

In the village of Argamasilla there exists the cell where it is told Cervantes started his master piece, The Quixote. It is the Cave of Medrano, located in the cultural centre of the same name.

Cueva de Medrano

Cl. Cervantes, 7
Phone number: 926523234

El Quijote en Canoa


over the Canal of the Gran Prior – Río Guadiana