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Few provinces in Spain can contend about having so many and diverse Protected Nature Reserves.  There are two National Reserves: Tablas de Daimiel and CabañerosLagunas de Ruidera Nature Reserve and another in perspective: Valle de Alcudia and Sierra Madrona.  Nature tributes: Volcanoes of Calatrava.  Biosphere Reserve: Manchegan Wetlands.  All this exists in addition to an extensive glossary of Reserves and other protected formations such as: Hoces del Guadiana, Rio Milagro, Laguna Inesperada, Abedular de Rio Frio and others.

The existence of diverse ecosystems gives them a higher ecological value: Mediterranean and Atlantic forests, wetlands, volcanoes, river-side forests, barren plains, pasture grounds, peatland mines, and the resultant biodiversity they stimulate.

To combine them in a route will bring a pleasure to every sense and a complete discovery of the peninsula’s inner part.

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